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Testimonials collage: clients sharing their journey of growth and healing with The Spiritual Rebell.


Gabby, CA

"I went to Angela for advice and asked her to read my cards regarding a stressful situation at work. She was so helpful and positive and it turns out the cards were right. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking into this to just take a leap of faith and go for it!

Kendall, CA

"Angela did my reading for me right around the time I was having trouble conceiving my son. I also had other random things going on in my life. She was not only able to ease my concerns, but she made me feel better about my situation. She gave me the ability to fully understand what was going on and the confidence that everything was going to be alright. Well, not only did I become pregnant about 6 months later...she was also totally right about my other issues. She made me feel comfortable during my reading. She also did not try to predict outcomes, but she gave me a deeper understanding of why I was going through everything. I would recommend Angela to everyone. Her enthusiasm for what she does and her positivity could possibly change the world. Thank you Angela!

Heather, CA

"Knowing Angela on a personal level I already knew her morals and ethics of being a kind and powerful human. This made it easy for me to trust her connectivity to spirit guidance. Her last reading was not only extremely valuable for me to work through an uncomfortable space, but taught me to further align with my "gut" when she shared the reading it felt true deeply in my soul. Not only was that helpful but she was beyond words accurate down to the day! Thanks Angela for showing up BIG for others and trusting your beautiful and sometimes messy journey. It resonates greatly for us all."

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